About Us

Welcome to WAC Consultants

Waheed Ahmed & Co. (WAC Consultants) was formed in year 2000. Our motive was to facilitate students from Pakistan who have an interest to study abroad. Focusing this need, WAC Consultants aims at promotion of international education with special emphasis on students counseling and consultancy services.

In order to achieve our aims we operate a full time education counseling services. Our primary goal is to ensure that students who are planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and processing their applications for admission.

WAC Consultants represent quality and prestigious institutions only and provide firsthand information to prospective students about student life and education system in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Cyprus.

To support and coordinate education promotion through seminars and exhibitions, marketing and recruitment activities, communicating the needs and visions of our clients in a well-managed and quality assured manner for the realization of the full scope of marketing objectives.

At WAC Consultants, we ensure that students are equipped to cope with change to acquire the correct skills and knowledge in order to continue their learning & observation skills throughout their lives and to develop positive attitude that create individual and collective commitment to standards of perfection and excellence.

Team Training

We train our staff in three different phases.

Two-week orientation schedule in order to get familiar with the system.

Our staff is regularly trained in the office during the normal working schedule in order to cope up with the education policy amendments, latest eligibility criteria and new courses.

The staff is sent for the training sessions and workshops organized by the British Council.


Unorthodox Approach

We have a different and unusual approach of working in our office. We involve our clients (students) in the process of their document/file preparation, so they could have a good idea about the information that is being forwarded to the college/university or to the High Commission for visa processing. It will create a comfort zone for the student while proceeding for visa interview or to the institution.

Course Search with Interest of Student

An extensive effort is always taken on our part to search the relevant course after discussing in the detail with the student, his interests, his experience and the future prospect of the course in Pakistan. We do student counseling with relevance to the market demand of a specific course.

CourseĀ Affordability

Since there is an obvious variance in the affordability of different students for different courses, so we have to keep this aspect in consideration while searching the course and counseling the students.