Public Universities in the U.K. Offering Cheap Education for Pakistani Students

In the previous few years, a large influx of Pakistani students has been noticed who tend to avail themselves of educational opportunities from foreign countries. They are attracted to international academic standards and a chance to gain global exposure that could lead to enhanced career prospects. However, the financial burden usually forms a significant obstacle in obtaining an overseas education.

Why the U.K. is a Top Choice for Pakistani Students

The United Kingdom is one of the favourite destinations for international students. Its strong academic history, cultural diversity, and globally accepted degrees enhance its attractiveness. Some benefits of studying in the U.K. for Pakistani students are:

  • World-leading education from top-ranked universities
  • A multiracial culture that creates a very comfortable atmosphere for any student
  • Strong Pakistani communities exist in a few cities in the UK
  • Post-study work opportunities give work experience

However, tuition fees and living costs in the U.K. are relatively high. Luckily, many affordable universities offer quality education at a manageable price.

Challenges of High Tuition Fees and Living Costs

While the U.K. offers tremendous benefits, the financial aspects must be considered. International students often face:

  • Expensive tuition fees – at least £10,000 to probably as high as £38,000 per annum
  • High living costs – quite significant in cities in the U.K., such as London
  • Other expenses – include health insurance, travelling, and study materials

Therefore, it is essential that students on a budget can find cost-effective educational institutions.

Best Low-Cost Universities in the U.K. for Pakistani Students

This paper lists some of the most affordable universities in the U.K. that are good for solid programs and suitable for international students, especially those from Pakistan

.University of Chester

  • Tuition Fees: Around £9,250 per annum
  • Course offered: Various programs for undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Location: Located at Chester, a small, attractive city with low living costs

University of Cumbria

  • Tuition Fees: Around £10,500 per annum
  • Course offered: Strong programs in education, health, sports
  • Location: Multiple locations with beautiful places like Carlisle and Lancaster

Leeds Trinity University

  • Tuition Fees: Around £11,500 per annum
  • Course offered: Among the best journalism, business, and education programs.
  • Location: Leeds—the student city—which is also livelier than London

 but cheaper

University of Sunderland

  • Tuition Fees: Around £10,500 per annum
  • Course offered: Strongly focus on employability and practical experience
  •  at the University of Sunderland, with a reputation for being friendly in the community and reasonable living costs

.University of Bolton

  • Tuition Fees: Around £11,250 per year
  • Course offered: Wide coverage of undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Location: In Bolton, a stone’s throw away from Manchester, with a more affordable lifestyle

Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities

To reduce the financial burden on students from Pakistan to further degrees, several scholarships and financial aids are available:

  • Chevening Scholarship: U.K. government-funded, covering all expenses, including tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships: These are for students holding citizenship from an eligible Commonwealth country and cover the complete tuition and living expenses fee.
  • Scholarships offered by individual universities: Almost all universities worldwide provide scholarships to deserving students based on merit or financial need. Some of these include the Think Big Scholarships offered at the University of Bristol and the Chancellor’s International Scholarship provided at the University of Sussex.

Practical Tips to Implement

Visa Requirements

  • The most common visa for an international student
  •  is a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. Its must-haves are a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from the institution chosen, available funds, and proficiency in the English language.

The Application Tips

  • One needs to start early so as not to avoid missed deadlines, including scholarship
  •  ones. Prepare everything meticulously: academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal statement.
  •  Seek help from educational consultants if required.

Living Arrangements

  • University accommodation is the most convenient and cost-effective.
  •  Private rentals are available but do compare prices and check the proximity to your university.
  •  Sharing accommodations can substantially reduce costs and make you new friends.


Studying in the U.K. can be an enriching experience, both academically and culturally. However, Pakistani students can manage their finances by selecting universities or colleges that are not very expensive and by gaining scholarships and financial aid. If you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity for an affordable education in the U.K., apply today to get started on the road leading to your future.


While specific scholarship program eligibility requirements may vary, general requirements for scholarships typically include:

  • Academic merit: good performance in your previous course of studies
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency, with documentation of your IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • Proof of Financial Need, as defined by the applicant
  • Background Information Personal Statement detailing your goals and reasons
  • Recommendation Letters: Typically from teachers or professors who can attest to your academic abilities

Time management skills are essential for balancing part-time work with your studies. Here are some tips:

  • Prioritize your schedule: Focus on your academic commitments first and fit work around your class schedule
  • Opt for Flexi Jobs: Look for jobs that give you flexible hours and can fit your study schedule
  • Know Your Limits: International students can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays

Use University Resources: Many universities also have career services, which could help students find part-time work and learn about time management.

Rates of living expenses in the U.K. vary significantly by location. Here is an overview:


  • Accommodation: Ranges from £400 to £1,200 per month based on whether residing is in the university residence or a private rent
  • ed accommodation
  • Food: generally costs around £150 to £250 per month
  • Transportation: It will cost around £30 to £100 per month, with many student discounts provided for travel using public transport
  • Miscellaneous Extras: Books, socializing, and pocket money will add up to something between £100 and £200 per month
  • Health Insurance: International students must pay for an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), costing around £470 per anum

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