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Since we are reputed and expert Immigration Law Firm with two decades of experience in the visa filing and appellate work in immigration and nationality related courts, therefore you will get the best visa filling guidance and expertise here at the WAC Consultants.

Usually the students can easily apply for the offer in universities and colleges even without the help of any consultant or lawyer but filing visa in much more technical and needs knowledge, experience and expertise in visa file preparation.

Second thing is the procedure and documents required to file and submit the visa correctly and without any flaw. 

Best Visa Consultancy in Lahore.

Best Immigration and Student Visa Consultants

One can say all these document check lists and procedures are given on the official websites and one can follow them. Yes, this is true but these given check lists are generic in nature and they cover the broader segments of the applicant. Or one can say they cover the maximum ambits of the documents which may be needed or could be needed for any applicant. The immigration lawyer will decide which particular case need which documents exactly. The lawyer would also decide which documents must not be attached with file in order to get the best result. Sometimes the immigration lawyer would hold some documents intentionally to present them on a later and more relevant stage.

Perhaps the most important thing in filing of the visa documents is the corroboration of the documents with one another. Towing Services in Dammam For example, if you are giving three pieces of document to prove the source of income of the financial sponsor then all these documents must be read at the same time putting them side by side rather than one by one. The example could be given as the business and personal bank statements, audit report of the company and income tax returns. Best Visa Consultancy in Lahore,

So if you want to file visa without flaw and make your chances optimum then you should contact the best student and immigration consultants in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Study Visa Assistance


Study Visa in Abroad. After getting your admission request accepted by the selected university, your next step is to apply for the study visa. There is no point of getting admission in any of the top universities unless you get your visa. You don’t need to worry about visa application process because we have got you covered. Our expert visa processing team will do the heavy lifting for you. Our visa success rate is above 95% due to our good working relations with the embassies.

You will be assisted in filling up visa application, preparing bank statement and all other visa documentation. You will also get complete guide about the interview and training of mock interview. Towing Services in Dammam Study Visa in Abroad. We are always updated with the latest visa rules and required documentation this will help you smoothly complete the process.


When you study abroad you usually need a visa. Without the right visa your study dream will be cut short already at the airport. Read more about student visas here.

The information below is based on the latest information we have. However visa regulations can be changed at any time so always double check the visa rules of the country where you want to study with your school or the country’s embassy. We can not be held responsible for you not having the right visa.