Learn How to Apply for a Student Visa in USA from Pakistan

US Study Visa

US Study Visa

Many students around the world, including those in Pakistan, aspire to pursue higher education in the United States. The United States provides an unrivalled academic environment, a number of advanced courses, and internationally renowned institutions. If you are a Pakistani student who wants to study in the United States, the first thing you need to do is secure a US study visa. WAC Consultants is here to walk you through the visa application procedure step by step:

1. Know Your Visa Type: 

In the United States, you can obtain two kinds of student visas:

F-1 Visa: This is for students enrolled in academic programmes at universities, high schools, private elementary schools, seminaries, conservatories, or other academic institutions in the United States.

M-1 Visa: This visa is intended for students pursuing vocational studies.

2. Obtain the I-20 Form:

You will get enrolled in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) by your university once you have been admitted. You must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, which will amount to $350. Following payment, your institution will issue you the Form I-20, an important document that essentially verifies your enrolment in a U.S. university.

3. Submit the DS-160 Form: 

You can find the DS-160 Online Non-immigrant Visa Application form by visiting the US Consular Electronic Application Centre website. Fill in all the details regarding personal, educational, and security information, ensuring transparency. Following submission, you will be sent a DS-160 confirmation page with a barcode. Make sure to get this page printed, as it will be required for your visa interview. Afterwards, pay the visa processing fee for your F-1 or M-1 visa, which will approximately cost you $160. Do not lose the receipt after paying the fee.  

5. Appear for the Visa Interview: 

If your online application goes through successfully, you will be summoned for an interview at the US embassy in Islamabad. The waiting list for interviews is usually quite long, therefore it is recommended you apply early so that you do not encounter any unnecessary delays. 

6. Documents Required for Visa Interview:

Before leaving for you US student visa interview, make sure you have the following documents with you:

– A valid passport

– Your CNIC

– Form 1-20 and DS-160 confirmation page

– Visa payment receipt

7. Wait for a Decision: 

The visa processing time is different for everyone due to varying circumstances of applicants. If your visa interview went well and your application form contained valid up-to-date information, then you will be shortly contacted by the embassy. Consequently, you will receive your passport with a stamp in it permitting you to enter the U.S.A. on a student visa. 

To conclude, being well-prepared and organized will ensure your US student visa process goes smoothly. Remember, you will require a lot of time and patience while completing the US student visa requirements, so remain steadfast because endless opportunities await you on the other side of this process. If you wish to secure your US student visa as soon as possible, make sure to stay in contact with WAC consultants, the best study abroad consultants for USA in Lahore.


Yes, if you are staying in the US on a F-1 student visa, you are allowed to work on campus approximately 20 hours a week, and full-time during semester breaks. You can also apply for Optional Practical Training and pursue employment off-campus, after a year of staying in the USA. 
You may enter the USA 30 days prior to your course starting. You can find this information on your I-20 form.
While disappointment is inevitable in such cases, do not lose hope if your US student visa gets rejected. You can re-apply again, but make sure to go over your previous mistakes. Seek assistance from WAC Consultants to ensure a successful US student visa application. 

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