What You Need to Know About the Commonwealth Scholarship UK

Commonwealth Scholarship UK

Commonwealth Scholarship UK

Every student in the world dreams of studying abroad but that dream usually comes with a heavy price tag, which becomes a difficult barrier to overcome. Naturally, aspiring international students are always on the hunt for a suitable scholarship. If you are one of those students and you have been on the lookout for a prestigious scholarship that will not only aid you in managing your living expenses but also cover tuition fee while you study abroad, then allow WAC Consultants to walk you through the Commonwealth Scholarship. Many students aspire to study in UK and the Commonwealth Scholarship offered by the United Kingdom can make their educational dreams come true. If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in UK without any financial burden, then keep reading to learn more about the Commonwealth scholarship.

What Exactly is the Commonwealth Scholarship?

What started as an initiative geared towards promoting accessible education for all and encouraging cross border collaboration, has turned into one of the best scholarships for international students all over the world. The Commonwealth Scholarship UK provides deserving students from Commonwealth countries, including Pakistan, an outstanding opportunity to obtain a place in the United Kingdom’s top universities, gaining the experience of a lifetime. 

Students with outstanding academic track records from underprivileged countries, who cannot pursue higher education due to financial problems, are selected for this scholarship. The Commonwealth Scholarship is fully funded, meaning it not only covers your tuition fee during the course of your degree but also your travel expenses. Allowance for living costs is also a part of the package, making this the best scholarship for international students in UK.

How can Pakistani Students apply for Commonwealth Scholarship?

If you are a student from Pakistan looking to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship UK, here are the steps you will need to follow:

1- Eligibility Criteria

Fortunately, the Commonwealth Scholarship does not have a huge list of requirements to fulfil. You only need to:

– be a permanent resident of Pakistan or any Commonwealth country

– have a first division Master’s degree if you are applying for a PhD program

– have insufficient funds to pursue a degree in UK without this scholarship

– take the IELTS exam (preferred)

2- Select your Degree Program

The Commonwealth Scholarship is applicable for Postgraduate and Doctoral programs. You can choose from a wide range of programs offered by universities in the UK. It is recommended that you choose a degree in science and technology, healthcare, global development, and social sciences. 

3- Required Documents

You need to have the following documents when applying for the Commonwealth Scholarship:

– Your Passport

– Copy of your CNIC

– Passport sized photographs

– Academic transcripts from the previous institutions that you have graduated from

– Two reference letters

4- HEC Test

If you are a Pakistani student, you will need to give the ETC-HAT test conducted by the Higher Education Commission and submit your test scores with the rest of your documents. Candidates who obtain 60% or higher in the HEC ETC-HAT test be able to move forward in the process.

5- Where to Apply

If you have all the necessary documents and the required eligibility status, then you can apply for the Commonwealth scholarship online on both the HEC and CSC websites. Make sure to apply first on the HEC website.

6- Interview

If you get shortlisted by HEC for the Commonwealth Scholarship, you will be called in for an interview. Selected candidates post-interview will be finalized for the scholarship.

Which Universities in UK Offer the Commonwealth Scholarship?

Approximately 100 universities in the United Kingdom offer international students the Commonwealth scholarship for Master’s and PhD programs. Pakistani students can choose a university that fits all their preferences, and even contact WAC Consultants to help them out should they get stuck in the process. Here are a few universities out of a 100 that offer the Commonwealth scholarship:

– Coventry University

– Imperial College London

– University of Manchester

– London School of Economics

– University of St Andrews

– Birkbeck University

– University of Lancaster

– University of Durham

– University of Greenwich

– University of Central Lancanshire

– University of Oxford

To conclude, the Commonwealth scholarship acts as a gateway for deserving students to cross into a world of unlimited opportunities and unlock their true potential. Aspirants from 56 different countries have the chance to achieve this golden ticket to quality education, without any financial strain holding them back. So make sure you don’t lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity and contact WAC Consultants to guide you through the process and help you reach your educational.


No, you cannot. You need to be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country to apply.
Currently, only students pursuing a Master’s or a PhD degree can apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK.
You must be under 40 years of age in order to qualify for the Commonwealth Scholarship.

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