Navigating Studying and Scholarship Opportunities in Turkey with WAC Consultants

Studying in Turkey

Studying in Turkey

For ambitious students, embarking on an academic trip abroad is an exciting possibility, and Turkey stands out as a viable higher education option. Turkey, with its rich cultural legacy and world-class institutions, provides international students with a wide range of study courses and scholarships. Navigating the criteria for studying in Turkey, obtaining scholarships, and meeting language requirements might be difficult. This trip, however, becomes simpler and more accessible with the direction and expertise of WAC Consultants.

Requirements and Scholarships for Studying in Turkey

Universities in Turkey maintain strong educational standards and attract students from all over the world with their numerous educational offerings. International students must normally meet the following criteria in order to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate offerings:

Academic Qualifications: For undergraduate courses, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and for masters or doctoral courses, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, depending on the university’s criteria.

Language Proficiency: While some courses are taught in English, knowing Turkish can help you integrate better into the academic and social environments. Universities may require language proficiency test scores, such as the TOEFL or IELTS for English or the TOMER for Turkish.

Prospective students must submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and, in some cases, a portfolio for arts-related courses, as part of the application process. Each university may have its own admission process and deadlines.

Scholarships are extremely important in assisting international students pursuing higher education in Turkey. There are several scholarships available, including the Türkiye Scholarships, which are awarded by the government, and institutional scholarships offered by institutions based on academic excellence, talent, or particular qualifications.

Language Prerequisites for Study in Turkey

Understanding the native language improves the whole educational experience and makes integration into Turkish society easier. While numerous courses provide tuition in English, knowing Turkish helps enhance cultural immersion. Language requirements differ between universities:

English Language Courses: Some colleges offer fully English-language courses, requiring applicants to demonstrate proficiency via standard assessments such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

Turkish Language classes: Universities frequently provide language classes personalised to overseas students for those interested in learning Turkish. TOMER proficiency exams may be necessary for admission or to get scholarships.

How WAC Consultants Contribute to the Process

It might be difficult to navigate the complications of studying abroad and obtaining scholarships in Turkey. WAC Consultants are experts at guiding students through each level of the application process:

Expert Advice: WAC Consultants provide customised guidance to students, aiding them in selecting appropriate universities, comprehending admission requirements, and developing a solid application package.

Scholarship Assistance: WAC Consultants, who have extensive knowledge of the numerous scholarships available in Turkey, assist students in identifying and applying for scholarships that are best suited to their academic profile and financial circumstances.

Language Support: WAC Consultants offer language training materials and support to students, assisting them in improving their language skills in order to meet university standards.

WAC Consultants simplify the visa application process and give pre-departure support, guaranteeing a smooth transition for students relocating to Turkey.

Pursuing higher education in Turkey opens the door to intellectual brilliance as well as cultural immersion. Understanding the admissions, scholarship, and language competency requirements is critical. Students may confidently traverse this process with the assistance and expertise of WAC Consultants, making their dreams of studying in Turkey a gratifying reality.


WAC Consultants specialize in assisting students with their scholarship applications. They assist students in identifying scholarships that are best suited to their academic background and in assembling essential documentation, as well as providing assistance on scholarship-specific requirements, deadlines, and application tactics to improve their chances of receiving financial aid.

Yes, WAC Consultants frequently provide language training programs geared to meet the language proficiency standards of Turkish colleges. These courses seek to improve students’ language skills in both English and Turkish, allowing them to achieve admission criteria, perform academically, and better integrate into Turkish culture and society.

Access to high-quality education at renowned institutions, exposure to a rich cultural heritage, diverse academic programs, relatively low tuition fees compared to other countries, and the opportunity to experience a unique blend of East and West are all advantages of studying in Turkey.

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