Should You Pursue an Engineering Degree in the Netherlands?

International student in Netherland

International student in Netherland

The Netherlands is becoming as a favourite location for foreign students seeking outstanding higher education, thanks to its gorgeous surroundings, progressive thinking, and top-tier education system. Among the many fields available, engineering stands out as a popular and promising option. In this post, we will look at the several benefits of studying engineering in the Netherlands.

1. High-Quality Education:

Dutch universities are well-known across the world for delivering high-quality education. Engineering programs are meant to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines academic knowledge with practical applications. Graduates emerge well-prepared to meet industrial needs, with a diverse skill set.

2. Programs Taught in English:

The availability of English-taught programs is a big benefit for overseas students. This removes linguistic barriers, ensuring that non-Dutch speakers have a smooth learning experience. The language of teaching promotes a varied and inclusive atmosphere by encouraging cooperation and idea exchange among students from all over the globe.

3. Inventive Approach: 

The inventive attitude of the Netherlands pervades its engineering programs. The program is meticulously designed to include the most recent technical advances and research discoveries, putting students at the cutting edge of their industry. Engaging in cutting-edge advancements offers a one-of-a-kind and stimulating academic experience.

4. International Student Community: 

The Netherlands has a thriving international student community. This multicultural atmosphere not only improves the overall university experience, but it also assists students in developing a worldwide perspective. Networking with colleagues from all backgrounds opens the door to possibilities and partnerships outside of the academic environment.

5. Industry Links and Internships:

Dutch colleges often have close contacts with industry, providing students with excellent internship and practical experience. This collaboration between academics and industry guarantees that students receive insights into real-world applications of their expertise, making them more marketable.

6. Research Possibilities:

The Netherlands is a research and development hotspot. Pursuing an engineering degree here allows students to participate in cutting-edge research initiatives. This exposure not only benefits personal academic improvement but also improves the degree’s worldwide credibility.

7. Global Degree Recognition:

Dutch university degrees are internationally recognized and appreciated. This is useful for foreign students who want to work in the Netherlands or in their home countries. The prestige of Dutch education may open doors to a plethora of possibilities all around the globe.

Scholarships available in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands provides a variety of scholarships to overseas students pursuing higher education. These scholarships are very important in making education more accessible and inexpensive. The Holland Scholarship, Orange Tulip Scholarship, and Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees are some significant scholarship options. Prospective engineering students are advised to explore these choices in order to reduce their financial obligations.

Pursuing an engineering degree in the Netherlands provides several benefits to overseas students. The Netherlands is a promising option for students seeking a top-tier engineering education, with everything from excellent education and innovative programs to a multicultural atmosphere and industrial contacts. With several scholarship possibilities accessible, prospective engineers’ path becomes not only intellectually stimulating but also financially possible.


Yes, foreign students in the Netherlands are permitted to work part-time while studying. This is a fantastic chance to obtain job experience while supplementing your living expenditures.
Many Dutch universities help overseas students locate appropriate housing. Furthermore, many internet platforms make it easier to find shared housing or leasing possibilities. It is best to begin your search for economical and convenient living arrangements as soon as possible.
The majority of engineering programs in the Netherlands are taught in English, enabling non-Dutch speakers to participate fully in lectures, examinations, and other academic activities.

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