Here is What You Need to Know Before Studying in the UK

UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students

UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students

It is all nice and fun to dream about studying in the United Kingdom, but when you actually begin the application process multiple questions start popping in your head and then the anxiety starts to creep in. But there is no need to worry when you have the best study abroad consultants in Lahore to help you out and free you from all anxious and nervous thoughts. WAC Consultants is here to prepare you beforehand with this comprehensive list of 7 things you need to know before applying to study in the UK:

– Many Universities to Choose From:

The UK is home to over hundreds of prestigious universities. Whether you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s in the UK, there is no shortage of higher-education institutes in the United Kingdom. To prevent confusion, it is recommended that you shortlist a concise list of universities which align with your academic interests well ahead of time and also select a degree that you wish to pursue in the UK. You can seek out WAC Consultants in this regard and we will help you in selecting a university of your choice, keeping in mind education quality, tuition fee, faculty, and environment.

– Scholarships and Funding:

Whether it is a 4 year degree or just a semester abroad, financial constraints present a huge problem when it comes to studying abroad, especially if you are from a developing country like Pakistan. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you layout a financial plan for yourself and collect sufficient funds to support your studies in the UK. Fortunately, the United Kingdom offers a number of scholarships for Pakistani students such as the Commonwealth scholarship, Chevening scholarship, and Rhodes scholarship. A lot of these financial aid programs are fully funded. Additionally, you can also pursue your education at a university outside of London and other metropolitan cities to reduce living costs.


Alongside tuition fee, it is essential to keep living costs and accommodation in the UK in mind. A number of universities in the United Kingdom provide student accommodation and hostel facilities, which you can avail as an international student. However, if you wish to cut costs even further you can look for a flat near your university and share it with roommates, which will also allow you to learn about people from different cultural backgrounds. 

– IELTs Requirement:

Since the instruction language in the United Kingdom is English, some universities will require you to submit IELTs or TOEFL scores. However, all universities in the UK do not require an IELTS test score. A number of British universities will accept A Level English scores, Duolingo English test, or a letter from your previous institution that confirms you graduated from an English-medium school. University of Warwick, Northumbria University, and University of Bristol are among the universities which will accept English proficiency tests other than IELTS. For more information, it is best to confirm the English proficiency requirements directly from the university of your choice, 

– Diversity and Culture Shock:

The United Kingdom presents itself as a multicultural hub, home to a number of races and ethnicities. If you are from a South Asian country like Pakistan, you will collect a variety of experiences while interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, getting a bit of culture shock is normal and you will get used to the environment soon! Just make sure to keep your mind open and interact with as many people as you can, because this will also help you in expanding your social network.

– Transportation:

In countries like Pakistan, it is difficult to get anywhere without your own car or local transport. So you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how walkable the cities in UK are. Most people prefer to walk or bike to places instead of using cars. However, the public transportation system is highly efficient and convenient in the United Kingdom. You can easily access the bus and the tram via the Student Oyster Card. 

– Cold Climate:

The United Kingdom is known for its cool and extremely unpredictable weather. More often than not, you will be met with a wet and cloudy atmosphere when you go outside. If you are an international student in the UK and you are coming from a country with a warm climate, you will definitely miss the sun in the UK. However, you will also grow to enjoy the cool air and cherish the rain as it is all part of the British experience. Do not forget to sip some tea when it gets chilly!

Overall, studying in the UK as an international student will prove to be an incredibly fun and exciting experience, provided you do your research before stepping onto British land. As long as you are sufficiently prepared for life in the UK, you will have a very fulfilling time studying abroad in the United Kingdom. To help you in your preparation, make sure to seek assistance from WAC Consultants, the best education consultants in Lahore for the UK.


The United Kingdom is very inclusive and home to multiple races and ethnicities. You will be able to blend right in.
You do need to show sufficient funds when applying for a student visa in the UK, starting from £4000. This is to ensure that you do not face a shortage of money during the course of your degree. Additionally, you can apply for scholarships and financial aid programs to help reduce the cost of studying in the UK.
After enrollment in university, you can apply for the student oyster card via the TFL (Travel for London) website.

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