A Beacon for Global Scholars in Hungary

University of Pecs

University of Pecs


Since its establishment in 1367, the University of Pécs has been a beacon of academic achievement and cultural diversity in the attractive city of Pécs, Hungary. Its enduring tradition as one of Europe’s oldest universities is combined with a commitment to offering students from all over the world with an enriching educational experience.

Academic Excellence and Accreditation Unrivalled

At the heart of the University of Pécs is a commitment to upholding unrivalled academic standards. The university’s curriculum are rigorously evaluated by reputable international bodies to ensure they fulfil global educational criteria. This dedication to excellence has continuously placed the university among the world’s best educational institutions.

Cultural Fusion and Global Community

With a vibrant community of people from over 110 nations, the University of Pécs takes pleasure in creating a welcoming atmosphere that values cultural variety. This multicultural environment fosters a vibrant learning environment by stimulating cross-cultural interactions and allowing pupils to develop their global viewpoints.

A Broad Range of Courses

The University of Pécs provides a wide range of curriculum across different faculties, catering to a broad range of academic interests. Among the notable programmes are:

Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies: The institution places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, which is reflected in its rigorous curricula that investigate ecological conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable development.

Arts & Humanities: The University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities provides an immersive platform for students interested in literature, arts, history, and cultural studies.

Law and Social Sciences: Law and social science courses that are rigorous allow students to dive into legal frameworks, societal challenges, and policy-making processes.

Innovative Research and Development

The University of Pécs is a place for cutting-edge research in a variety of fields. Under the tutelage of eminent experts, students actively participate in creative research initiatives, leading to new discoveries and advancements in their respective fields.

International Students Get Complete Support

Acknowledging the difficulties that international students confront when transitioning to a new environment, the institution provides a broad range of support services. Orientation courses, academic counselling, language training, and cultural integration activities are among the services provided to ensure that students feel empowered and supported throughout their academic journey.


Finally, the University of Pécs remains an unrivalled alternative for international students seeking not only academic quality but also cultural enrichment. Its dedication to establishing a global community, together with its numerous programmes and research opportunities, makes it a top choice for students looking to study in Hungary.


The University of Pécs takes pleasure in maintaining an extensive and inclusive atmosphere. With students from over 110 different nations, the university values cultural diversity. This diverse mix of cultures, languages, and traditions fosters a dynamic international community. The institution supports contacts among students from varied backgrounds through a variety of cultural events, groups, and activities, encouraging mutual understanding and global viewpoints.
The University of Pécs prioritizes extensive support services for its international student population. Students benefit from orientation activities that familiarize them with academic procedures, campus resources, and the local community from the minute they arrive. Furthermore, the university provides language classes adapted to various skill levels, assisting students in adjusting to the linguistic demands of their studies. Cultural integration activities, counseling services, and academic advising all contribute to international students having an easy transition and a fulfilling academic experience.
The University of Pécs is dedicated to developing a research and innovation culture among its students. Students have access to multiple research possibilities through collaborations with academic members working in cutting-edge research projects. The institution supports student participation in research activities across multiple fields, giving opportunities for students to contribute to ground-breaking findings. Students actively engage in hands-on learning and contribute considerably to the growth of knowledge in their particular fields, whether through summer research internships, thesis projects, or laboratory experiences.

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