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To participate, you typically need to register for the event organized by the university or the immigration company like WAC. They will provide instructions on how to attend.

Required documents vary by university and program, but you should generally have your academic transcripts, test scores (if applicable), recommendation letters, and a completed application form.

On-spot admission is not always guaranteed, as it depends on meeting the university’s admission criteria. However, it can increase your chances, especially if you are well-prepared.

Yes, you can usually apply to multiple universities at these events, but be prepared to provide all necessary documents for each application.

Scholarships can vary widely and may be based on academic merit, financial need, specific fields of study, or extracurricular achievements.

You can search for scholarships through university websites, scholarship databases, and by consulting with organizations like WAC Immigration Company, which can help identify suitable opportunities.

It’s advisable to start searching and applying for scholarships well in advance of your intended start date. Some deadlines can be several months before the academic term begins.

Scholarships are typically not repaid, but this can depend on the terms and conditions of the specific scholarship. Most scholarships are awarded as a form of financial aid.

Strong academic performance, a compelling personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a well-prepared application are key factors. Meeting eligibility criteria is also crucial.

Meeting with university representatives can provide valuable insights into admission requirements, programs, and campus life. WAC can facilitate these meetings to ensure you make informed decisions.

Contact WAC Immigration Company to inquire about available meetings and schedule an appointment. They will guide you through the process.

Prepare questions about the university, programs, admission process, and any concerns you have. Also, have your academic records and test scores on hand for discussion.

Fees, if any, for such meetings can vary. It’s best to inquire with WAC Immigration Company about their specific policies.

Depending on their services, you may be able to meet with multiple representatives in one session or schedule separate meetings for each university.


DHA Club J Block, Phase 1

21st october 2023

Avari Hotel , Satluj Hall Lahore

22nd october 2023

Timing : 12 Am - 6 Pm