The Best Postgraduate Courses in Hungary for International Students

International Student in Hungary

International Student in Hungary

cultural legacy and lively academic environment, has become an increasingly popular postgraduate study destination for foreign students. This article intends to help prospective students by showcasing some of the best postgraduate courses in Hungary, as well as offering vital insights into the academic scene of this Central European nation.

1. MBA (Master of Business Administration):

Hungary has MBA programs that are globally recognized and meet the different demands of ambitious business professionals. These programs provide a comprehensive approach to business education, focusing on management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. English-taught MBA programs in Hungary are popular among overseas students pursuing advanced management education because they often provide experiential learning opportunities, industrial connections, and a global perspective.

2. Computer Science and Information Technology:

In Hungary, postgraduate computer science and information technology programs are meant to provide students with advanced skills and knowledge in developing technologies. These courses, which include artificial intelligence, data science, and software development, give a strong basis for a successful career in the continuously changing technology sector.

3. International Relations and Diplomacy:

Hungary’s central European position makes it a great site for studying International Relations and Diplomacy. This field’s postgraduate studies look into global politics, diplomatic strategy, and international law. English-taught courses offer a varied learning environment, drawing students from all over the globe who want to make a difference in global diplomacy and international collaboration.

4. Sustainability and Renewable Energy:

Hungary puts a high value on sustainable practices, and postgraduate programs in Renewable Energy and Sustainability reflect the country’s dedication to environmental stewardship. These courses include renewable energy sources, environmental legislation, and sustainable development, preparing students to contribute to the developing field of sustainable practices.

5. Medicine and Public Health:

Hungary has a well-developed healthcare system, and postgraduate courses in Medicine and Public Health are being developed to address the growing need for trained personnel in these sectors. These programs provide a comprehensive and practical approach to increasing healthcare knowledge, with an emphasis on public health management, healthcare policy, and medical research.

6. International Law and Human Rights:

Postgraduate programs in human rights and international law demonstrate Hungary’s commitment to these issues. Topics covered in these courses include international humanitarian law, human rights activism, and global legal frameworks. English-taught programs attract foreign students who want to make a difference in legal and human rights concerns throughout the world.

Hungary’s academic environment provides a varied selection of postgraduate programs, allowing foreign students to pursue further studies in a variety of subjects. Postgraduate courses in Hungary serve to a diverse range of academic topics, including business, technology, diplomacy, sustainability, healthcare, and law. Prospective foreign students may find a friendly and intellectually engaging environment for their academic and professional progress in Hungary by exploring these top postgraduate courses. Contact WAC consultants for further guidance regarding postgraduate courses in Hungary.


Yes, Hungary has a number of scholarships available to overseas students pursuing postgraduate study. A prominent alternative is the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program, which is supported by the Hungarian government. Furthermore, several colleges in Hungary provide their own scholarships based on merit, financial need, or particular requirements connected to the topic of study selected.

The cost of studying in Hungary varies based on the institution, program, and lifestyle preferences of the student. International students’ postgraduate tuition expenses generally vary from €3,000 to €15,000 per year. Students should also consider living costs, which may vary from €700 to €1,000 per month depending on the location and lifestyle.
In Hungary, English is extensively utilized as the medium of teaching in postgraduate programs. Instructors are often fluent in English, allowing foreign students to fully participate in the program. The academic atmosphere in Hungary is varied and inclusive, with institutions actively embracing students from all over the globe. To improve the overall student experience, several programs include cultural integration activities.

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