Student Visa and International Student

Turkey’s academic landscape is dotted with institutions known for their academic excellence, cultural diversity, and welcoming environment for international students. Let’s go on a journey to discover the top six Turkish universities that attract students from all over the world.

Boğaziçi University

Boaziçi University, founded in 1863, has a long history of academic excellence. This prestigious institution, located in Istanbul, has consistently received top rankings in global assessments, making it an appealing destination for international students seeking quality education in Turkey. Boaziçi University, known for its diverse courses in engineering, social sciences, and humanities, provides a vibrant academic environment conducive to global learning experiences.

The campus of Boaziçi University, nestled among the stunning vistas of Istanbul, provides a breathtaking backdrop for scholarly pursuits. The combination of historical architecture and modern conveniences creates an inspiring environment for students, encouraging academic growth and cultural exchange.

Middle East Technical University (METU)

Middle East Technical University (METU), founded in 1956, stands as a testament to Turkey’s commitment to academic innovation. METU is widely recognized for its engineering programs and consistently ranks among the top universities in the world, attracting international students interested in computer engineering, natural sciences, and architecture. Its research-focused approach and illustrious history make it a guiding light for aspiring scholars.

METU’s sprawling 4500-acre campus in Ankara houses a thriving community dedicated to learning and research. METU’s campus is defined by cutting-edge facilities, expansive green spaces, and a stimulating academic environment, providing international students with a conducive setting for academic pursuits.

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Istanbul Technical University (ITU), founded in 1773, holds a prominent place in Turkey’s academic landscape. ITU, known for its engineering and architecture prowess, consistently ranks high in global rankings, attracting international students interested in innovation and creative pursuits.

The ITU campus in Istanbul combines historic charm with modern infrastructure. The combination of architectural heritage and modern facilities creates an inspiring environment for students to pursue academic goals while immersing themselves in Istanbul’s rich cultural tapestry.

Koc University

Koc University, founded in 1993, quickly established itself as a center of academic excellence in Turkey. Koc University appeals to international students seeking a diverse academic experience by offering a range of courses in social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

The modern campus of Koc University, which is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and research centers, fosters an environment that encourages exploration and innovation. The campus, located in Istanbul, provides international students with opportunities for cultural exchange and academic growth.

Bilkent University

Bilkent University, founded in 1984, is Turkey’s epitome of research and innovation. Bilkent University, known for its emphasis on economics, business administration, and humanities, attracts international students eager to excel in their chosen fields.

The Bilkent University campus in Ankara features a mix of green spaces, modern architecture, and avant-garde facilities. The campus environment encourages academic rigor and creativity, providing international students with an ideal platform to thrive academically and culturally.

Sabancı University

Sabanc University, founded in 1996, embodies interdisciplinary education, with programs in management, arts, and social sciences. Sabanc University attracts international students looking for a comprehensive academic journey because of its holistic approach to learning.

Sabanc University’s serene campus in Istanbul fosters an environment conducive to academic exploration and personal growth. Its modern facilities and emphasis on interdisciplinary studies provide an enriching educational experience for international students.

Study in Turkey: A Gateway to Global Education

Studying in Turkey opens the door to a rich cultural experience as well as academic excellence. International students can take a variety of courses, receive scholarships, and immerse themselves in a rich historical tapestry while embracing modernity. These top Turkish universities entice students from all over the world with their student-friendly environments, diverse courses, and welcoming campuses.

Scholarships, Student Visas, and International Students

Turkey provides international students with a variety of scholarships and support programs to help them succeed academically. Students can easily navigate the visa application process with the assistance of international offices dedicated to assisting and integrating international students into campus life.


Most Turkish universities have scholarships and financial aid programs for international students. In order to apply for these scholarships, prospective students should conduct extensive research on the university’s official website or contact the international student office. Each scholarship may have different eligibility and application requirements. Applicants must typically complete an online application, provide required documents (transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.), and sometimes pass an interview or submit additional essays. Scholarship application deadlines vary, so it’s critical to stay on top of the university’s timelines and requirements.

A student visa is typically required for international students planning to study in Turkey. Applicants must first be admitted to a Turkish university in order to obtain a student visa. Students who have been accepted can apply for a student visa at the Turkish consulate or embassy in their home country. A valid passport, admission letter from the university, proof of financial means to support oneself during the stay, health insurance, and visa application forms are usually required. Specific documents and procedures may differ depending on the student’s home country. For specific information and guidance on the student visa application process, contact the Turkish consulate or embassy.

Yes, many Turkish universities offer entirely English-taught courses to international students. These universities are aware of their students’ diverse cultural backgrounds and strive to provide an inclusive educational experience. International students can choose from a variety of English-taught programs and disciplines, including engineering, social sciences, business, humanities, and natural sciences. For more information on English-taught programs, admission requirements, and available courses, prospective students should visit the university’s official website or contact the international admissions office.